40 Powerful Karl Marx Quotes

40 Powerful Karl Marx Quotes

Karl Marx was a great philosopher. He is probably the most misunderstood philosopher in the history of thought.  Here are the most powerful quotes of Karl Marx. I think you will like these quotes.  

1. "History repeats itself. | First by tragic event and another by a joke "- Karl Marx

2. "As much; The division of labor and the use of machinery will continue to grow, the competition among workers will increase further and their wages will be reduced too "- Karl Marx

3. "Religion is a poor, cruel world near poor people, lives near heart and lifelessness" - Karl Marx

4. "Social progress can be measured by women's position in society" - Karl Marx

5. "The workers of the world come together, you have nothing to lose, except for stopping themselves" - Karl Marx

6. "Peace is not to oppose Communism" - Karl Marx

7. "We should never say that one person's price for one hour is equivalent to one hour worth of another person. Rather, we should say that within one hour of time, a man is just as much expensive as the rest of the people "- Karl Marx

8. "History does nothing He does not have enough wealth or anything to fight with others, these are actually human beings "- Karl Marx

9. "The only preventive physical pain of emotional pain" - Karl Marx

10. "It is impossible to rise above the rules of nature, which can change in historical circumstances. That's just a form in which the rule is still effective "- Karl Marx

11. "Any person who knows a little about history, must realize that without the progress of a great society, it is not possible for women to progress. Social progress, depending on the social status of women "- Karl Marx

12. "As long as it is blind, unless it has the knowledge that freedom is the consciousness of need" - Karl Marx

13. "Machine-driven machine has increased the number of odd people, there is no doubt" - Karl Marx

14. "Usable goods can never be worth the price" - Karl Marx

15. "Rich people can do a lot for the poor, but they can never leave them" - Karl Marx

16. "The decision of communism can be published in one sentence - cancel all property assets" - Karl Marx

17. "Experience always admires the best people, who make the others most happy" - Karl Marx

18. "Time is everything, man is nothing" - Karl Marx

19. "Perhaps it is said that the machine-driven machinery is a tool fitted by the capitalists to suppress the conflict of specific labor" - Karl Marx

20. "Democracy is the Only Way to Socialism" - Karl Marx

21. "The consequences of the production of a lot of usable products are very unemployed," - Karl Marx

22. "Religion is a man's opiate" - Karl Marx

23. "For bureaucracy, the world is just a manipulation object" - Karl Marx

24. "The capitalist develops the technology of production and mixes various processes in the entire society These stars exploit the main stream of land, soil and workers. "- Karl Marx

25. "In capitalist society, capital is always individual and personal Although living person is dependent and there is no individuality "- Karl Marx

26. "The first requirement for human happiness is the end of religion" - Karl Marx

27. "Neglect the capital, the health of the worker and its long life until there is a pressure on society" - Karl Marx

28. "Production method sets culture" - Karl Marx

29. "Classless society is the last stage of the social system" - Karl Marx

30. "History of all the social system before, history of class struggle" - Karl Marx

31. "The reason was always there but it was not always in the right condition" - Karl Marx

32. "Revolution History Engine" - Karl Marx

33. "To live and write, the writer should always make money But in any case, it should not be left to earn money only, "- Karl Marx

34. "The only one geek is making Europe busy - the spirit of communism" - Karl Marx

35. "Treatment also cures doubt or illness" - Karl Marx

36. "The development of civilization and generally industrial, has always kept itself so strong in destroying forests that everything in these comparisons has been done for the preservation and origin of those very small" - Karl Marx

37. "The writer might say a movement in the history, but he certainly can not make it" - Karl Marx

38. "Human thoughts are the most forthright emergence of their physical condition" - Karl Marx

39. "I'm not a Marxist" - Karl Marx

40. "Meaning of labor exploiters in the hands of the capitalists" - Karl Marx

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