50 Short Proverbs and Quotes

50 Short Proverbs and Quotes

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1. Religion and morality are the greatest assets for children. - Al-Qur'an

2. The secret is your slave. You are his slave if you leaked.-The Arabic    proverb

3. I have learned adiab from the blasphemy. Imam Ghazali (ra)

4. The amount of anger in the conversation should be like the food snacks. If   it is moderate,   it is harmful if it is incomplete.-Plato

5. 'Yes' and 'No' are two of the oldest and smallest. But both of these things are the most to think about.-Pythagoras

6. The greatest education I teach is "I do not know." - The Hebrew Proverb

7. A sleepy person cannot wake another sleepy person. - Sheikh Sadi

8. I fear Allah the most. Then he fears that the person is not afraid of Allah.-Sheikh Sadi

9. Rebel does not mean to anyone. I do not understand what the head does not   understand the head. -Kazi Nazrul Islam

10. Jnanailok's ear is big and the tongue is small.-Chinese Proverb.

11. Atheist is the self-proclaimed Prophet of his religion and his only religion of his own religion. - Source: unknow

12. The greatest achievement of the people is not to do everything, but to do the best.-Unknown

13. If you do not know how to talk, learn how to remain silent. - Unknown

14. Every step of life should rise above the feet. There is more chance of falling asleep. –Whiter

15. The wisest person can also ask thousands of questions that do not know the answer. -Je Abbott

16. Once the friendship is torn, it cannot be iped with all the yarn in the world.-Carlyle

17. Book good partner It can be talked about. The book gives all the advice but does not force any work. - Henry Ward Bush

18. The picture is silent poems. And poetry is a silent picture that talks. -Symonides

19. If anger is not ruled by anger, then anger rig the whole man. -Septes Bari

20. Beware of the anger of the patient. - Dryden

21. A three-inch long tongue can make a sevenfold man downhill. -Chinese Proverb

22. My prayers to widows are not to give me a friend, give me the enemy so that I can catch my mistakes.-John McKee

23. To know the future, we should know the past. - Unknown

24. The fate is waiting for everyone to come to the door, but does not come as a reminder, it has to be called.- Aldrich

25. The one who is honest is not able to harm her! -Shekh Sadi

26. Whoever does not understand his dignity, does not respect him! -Hadrat Ali (ra)

27. The cowards die repeatedly before they die. The brave people only accept the taste of death.-Shakespeare

28. The greatness of a great person is understood by his use with small people.-Carlyle

29. Holy pain is better than bad joy.-Homer

30. Food looking for the poor, and hungry for looking richer.-Hindi Proverb

31. There is nothing to be so happy about birthdays. Remember, you went one step further to death.-Unknown

32. There is no reason to be happy when the enemy dies. The cause of the enemy is not yet dead- Unknown

33. No one can be a friend of anyone who could not make an enemy.-Alfred Tennis

34. All the people have heads in their neck, but the question is whether there is a brain.- Unknown

35. Flooding may also occur in dumps if the holes are ants. - Persian Proverb

36. The gravel does not get any juice even after drowning in the spring. - Kazi Nazrul Islam

37. Tell me my fault! - Imam Ghazali

38.Be honest or have to find honest people. - Unknown

39. Individuals are not worthy of imitation. - Unknown

40. We have forgotten who gave us a lot of rhythm. But remember who once shouted off. - Abdullah Abu Sayeed

41. The river which drains more than its depth is less prone to noise.-John Livgate

42. The brave value of the life of the brave, the coward range. - Unknown

43. Girls 'talents and boys' talents are the same thing. Both are born and destroyed around the ashes. - Unknown

44. With each achievement we die a little bit. - Unknown

45. Joy and work shorten the time. - Unknown

46. Knowing your good aspects is not good. - Unknown

47. The girl who is as bad as her name, is as good as her marriage. - Unknown

48. Seeing sinners, life can be known more. - Unknown

49. It is difficult to decide if it is more consistent. - Unknown

50. Only the rich who want to be rich by money, he is very poor. - Unknown

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